Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Themed Trees for 2010 Copeland Christmas

Two exciting new themed trees for this year, plus one old standby...We have a woodland gnome tree, the large Annalee tree, and the pink Disney Princess tree.

Gotta document the details...

Gnome Tree:
I love gnomes, so I waited all season (2009) for the Macy's glass gnome ornaments to go on sale. A few days after Christmas, they were still there, so I bought them all. Here's the details from last year and a few other gnomey details too.

The Annalee tree came out of necessity...I just don't have a place for all these unique Annalees...a pig, owl, grandma, monkey, frog, elves...the one place they ALL FIT is a themed tree. How easy. Above is a photo I took at my local Macys a few weeks ago. I always admire their Annalee trees, but I really love my version below.

2010 Trend Alert!...lighted ribbon will be huge this year.
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Heth said...


You caught my attention to Annalee's a few years ago and ever since, our entire family has been hooked on collecting them! I love the tree you've done this year! It's great!