Tuesday, October 19, 2010

2010 Christmas Trend Alerts

Lighted Ribbon will be huge this year! Watch out for it at local stores like WMart...but beware of steep prices. Last year after Christmas it was still $5/roll. Colors=gold, red, blue, silver.

This year, I predict they will add a tacky lime green or maybe teal. Hopefully, buyers were wise and ordered lots of gold, silver, and jewel tones...yes...jewel tones are "still in" when it comes to Christmas.

2010 Trend Alert...themed nutcrackers that are irrelevant to everyone will be "in again."

2010 Trend Alert...outdoor inflatables are here to stay. "Outdoor lighted yard art" that anyone can do seems appealing, but it's really not. Let's all try to bid fairwell to these grass-killing, tacky oafs.

2010 Trend Alert...LED lights will still be way overpriced and much too industrial/cold looking. Even the warm tones are un-inviting. Beware of pricey LEDs which only come in sets of 35, 50, or 70 and do not have replaceable bulbs.

2010 Trend Alert...beware of overpriced "boxed light shows" which blast generic midi files and aren't sequenced accurately.

2010 Trend Alert...gotta love mini themed Christmas trees. Display your hobbies, teams, or favorite colors on a mini tree!

2010 Trend Alert...stores will be sold out of the good stuff again before Christmas this year. Retailers aren't taking chances with inventory surpluses. If you see it and KNOW you want it...don't wait for the clearance sales.

2010 Trend Alert...Go green where you can to stay on trend in 2010. Recycle broken light sets, get automatic timers, and make your ornaments! Don't skimp on the lights, just be conscious of your consumption and try to reduce it.
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