Saturday, February 20, 2010

2010 Copeland Christmas Lighted Fence

We are trying to come up with a new fence that will replace the north poles we've been using for the past few years. We love the north poles, but we'd like a solution that is easier to set up, take down, and store. So, I've been surfing the internet for inspiration. Here's our north pole fence:
2008 Copeland Christmas
I happened to google "Christmas fence." There is a 94 year old guy in Australia that walked every street in 286 suburbs of Sydney. He has a website that documents his travels. I don't quite get it, but then again, there's lots of people who don't quite get my hobbies :)
Here's the photo that brought me to his website.

Oh, by the way, I'm absolutely no closer to figuring out the 2010 fence design.

Many Christmas enthusiants are using small leaping arches as a fence. I don't know that we want to go this route, although they are beautiful.
My 2008 Light Display - Videos On YouTube link below


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