Saturday, November 8, 2008

This Insect Bite was a Big Pain

I was over at the storage units rummaging through boxes a few weeks ago. Although the units are pest controlled and are always very clean, I guess I was bitten by a spider. In most parts of the country, spiders make their home in even the cleaned of spaces and love old untouched boxes.

So, I monitored the bite for a few days and kept drawing circles around the red swollen area. It got larger and larger with each day. The center of the bit was very hot and very hard. The photo below was taken on day three.

It ended up doubling in size from what is shown below. I went to the doctor because I felt there was a very slight chance is was a brown recluse bite. It turned out not to be a poisonous bite but I was put on an antibiotic just as a caution. I'm fine now, so all is well.
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