Saturday, November 8, 2008

Made Progress on Garage Display

Yesterday, John helped me a lot on the garage. This weekend is the Stuart Airshow. The past three years, I can remember running out of the garage to look at the F-18s every time I heard them. Or, we were on the roof putting up lights...then you can really see them.

This year was no different; jet's flying overhead, 90 degree heat, and fake snow/glitter stuck to my arms and legs. Yesterday, we finished three-quarters of the starry, starry night backdrop. Then, John helped elevate the USA tree and the new USA toy soldier. I did a lot of the gingerbread stuff.

Now, it's about 11 am and John is headed to the roof to begin putting up the icicle lights which run the perimeter of the roof. I took the star from the peacock tree and put it on the USA tree (since it's a nice shiny star).
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Caroline Greensburg said...

Wow, looks impressive! I can't believe it's already that time again... I'm getting an early start this year and I've already started on putting up my tree. For artifical christmas trees and accessories (easier on the planet, lol), check out: Artificial Christmas Trees

Happy Holidays!