Sunday, February 17, 2013

Electrical Upgrade at Copeland Christmas

Over the past few days, we've had an electrician here at Copeland Christmas upgrading our system. He had to begin at the existing breaker panel. Then, he ran lines from the main breaker panel through the roof. Of course everything is being done "to code" so ran the lines inside conduit.

All those ceiling lines come out the eave, down the side of the house and into a brand new 125 amp subpanel (the large gray box). Then, Richie installed 6 new quad outlets for our Light-O-Rama boxes.

In the garage, we asked for several new outlets on each side of the garage. They look pretty good.

We couldn't be more excited and highly recommend this local guy Richie Neu (Palm City).

Next week, Richie is coming back to give us a few more outlets around the exterior, he's gong to hard wire the boat lift motor, and he'll clean up some exposed wires the previous home owner left us. We just love all this new power!
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