Monday, December 31, 2012

2013 Display Theme Ideas

I've been toying with the idea of having the 2013 garage display theme be ice. That's a pretty broad theme, so I can hopefully refine it a bit more in the upcoming months. I really like carving those 4x8 sheets of polystyrene. I'de love to have icicles made of styrofoam and lights drip off the roof. We could do a garage backdrop that's a myriad of teal, blue, white, and navy. The inside of the house can be traditional Christmas, green, gold, silver. And inside, I think I'd like to set up the Disney Village set.

In years past, we've done themes such as "Night before Christmas", "Christmas Caroling", "Santas Workshop" etc in the garage. So, this year, I'd like to use blue and white LED bulbs, black lights, and soft pink floods to illuminate the scenes and make them look frosty.

I pulled some images from my "Christmas Inspiration" folder (which is a catalog of about 5000 images). Here are a few that inspire me.

I especially love the hanging penguin display. I think this is exactly what we need in the garage.
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