Sunday, November 28, 2010

We finished Copeland Christmas 2010 "The Garage"

Over the past three days we really put a lot of work into the garage! I'm pleased to say last night it was finished!!!

Here is a neighbor making a little elf dangle off the workbench with some little presents in his hands.
Here's the same helper placing snow to perfectly hide every single wire.

Here we are late last night putting all the village people, cars, trees, and accessories into the village building scene. It was so much fun to do this with kids because they know exactly which house each person should be in front of. There is a reason why each of the little accessories was placed in its spot. It's precious.

In this photo, we are all thinking it just might be done. We all took one last look, then we cleared away all the empty and half full boxes, swept, and admired our display. It was a great night! The adults enjoyed a cocktail and the kids had pizza. What a fun way to end a long day of working.

I absolutely COULD NOT have gotten it done without my "elf crew". Thanks to helpers Allie, Amanda, Matt, Bradley, Jake, Mom, Dian, and most of all, Joe and John.

Now's 7:30am now, I need to finish the porch, finish the Copeland Christmas sign, set up the Light-O-Rama show, hide all the unused decorations, clean the house, and finish programming the new song. I can do it!

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