Saturday, September 25, 2010

Copeland Christmas Storage Units (archive photo from 2009)

My good friend/neighbor spends a lot of time hanging out with us during the holidays. Our dogs play, we enjoy a glass of wine, and we love meeting all the guests which come through the house. She thinks it's funny that guests always ask the same few questions. Here are the questions that we ALWAYS get asked...

When do you start each year?
Where do you store it all?
How long does it take to do this?
How long did it take to collect the stuff?

Here's the answer to one of the MOST ASKED QUESTIONS here at Copeland Christmas.

We store all the Christmas stuff in our two storage units just up the road in Palm City. Here's John in October 2009 getting the first load of stuff to bring to the house.

The answer to the MOST ASKED QUESTION is...we start in September.

Here's what guests see as they approach the font door.

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