Friday, May 1, 2009

Developed the South Pole Scene More

I've done more thinking about the south pole scene for the 09 display. It will have My Erebus and McMurdo Station. It will have igloos, creabeater seals, penguins, and maybe whales. It will have Ivan the Terrabus, cargo planes, an icebreaker ship, and of course, the south pole and the flags that surround the south pole. All the people will be in orange parkas and it'll have lots of glaciers. It'll have a dock in the icy water.

I know that technically, McMurdo Station is like 800 miles from the geographic south pole, but in my make believe scene, they will be 15 inches apart.

Here is McMurdo Station. The scene I create for the display will have the reallity of this picture mixed with the whismsy of a regular Christmas snow village scene.

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Ken Klassy said...

Joe is pretty proud! Can't wait to see it.