Saturday, January 26, 2008

Finally Updated

So, here's the run-down of the updates I've made. All these updates took me about 8 hours over the past two days (some are not listed). The bad part is that it's not done...I do global Search & Replace only when I am 100% certain it won't mess up anything. My Dreamweaver skills are still intermediate, so I don't trust myself doing S&R every time.......hence, things take me longer than they should.
  • Added a 2008 display page
  • Added a How To on elevated train tracks
  • Updated the FM sign page with email link, new photos, more clear instructions
  • Fixed header to show a light status of "off"
  • Fixed the linking to the How To on the garage display child barrier
  • Had ot change the link sitewide from "Why We Do It" to "Our Story." This way, all the header buttons fit across the screen.
  • Changed the copyright date from 2007 to 2008 (on most pages)
  • Changed garage video to a youtube link instead of launching an .avi or .wmv file
  • Took off some old information, but instead of deleting it, I added it as a blog entry with an old date (clever!)
  • Added a link from the Palm Beach Post about our display
  • Fixed a ton of links

I still need to fix the North Poles How To. It just takes too long to download right now. Plus, I received an email from someone saying I may have said something wrong about wiring...uh oh.

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