Saturday, December 29, 2007

A New Nutracker for Copeland Christmas!

We were lucky enough to get this santa nutcracker at JC Penney yesterday for more than 75% off. He was originally $399.00; we got him for $75!

I received a call from Mom at 9am. Ann, a co-worker alerted her that the nutcracker was on the clearance aisle the previous night. Needless to say, I raced up to the mall and waited inside with all the old mall walkers and towel sale junkies for a half hour until the doors opened. I grabbed the tags off him and three similar 6 ft snowmen, raced up to the register, and announced I'd like all four. I also grabbed one those 5 ft. ferris wheels for $100 (originally $330). I'm going to see if a neighbor wants it though.

So, we shoved the nutcracker in my car and two snowmen in John's Armada. I had to go back later to get the final snowman because he wouldn't fit in John's truck. Thanks Mom and Ann!

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